Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. Shape borrowing is using and ordinary shape to construct it into an object with a new design. For example, people are changing the size of the watermelon from circle to square, and they are still thinking of other ideas.

2. SCAMPER makes an object or design better. Many devices have been improved base on design and the structure applying the SCAMPER method.

S: It is to replace parts of an object to make it look more interesting and eye-catching
C: To add 2 or more objects together to make a new product
A: To have unique features that other products do not have.
M: To modify the shape,size of object, to make it special
P: Changing the functions of the product to have more purposes
E: To eliminate certain features of the object
R: Rearrange the parts of the object to make it a better product

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